Young Family Faces Homelessness Due to Eviction Notice

Amy and Joshua, a young couple with three children and one on the way, are in dire straits after receiving a seven-day eviction notice from their rental house. Their financial struggles, stemming from reliance on government assistance, have left them on the brink of homelessness.

Despite reaching out to relatives for help, only an uncle in Somerset has offered assistance, far from their current location. Compounding their stress, the housing organization threatens to separate their family if they don’t accept an offer that accommodates everyone.

Joshua, whose late partner Victoria Robertshaw’s name is on the tenancy agreement, refuses to separate his family despite the council’s decisions. A possession order issued by a judge mandates their departure within seven days due to rent arrears.

Sanctuary Housing spokesperson explained the severity of the decision, citing accumulated rent arrears and unsuccessful attempts at resolution. Barnsley Council is working to secure alternative housing and expedite temporary accommodations, potentially in local hotels.

Jenny Platts, the Barnsley counselor handling the case, assures the couple of support and advice regarding alternative housing options. Amy and Joshua, though overwhelmed, cling to hope for a resolution before facing homelessness.

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