Sharon Osbourne isn’t feeling well and has been rushed to the hospital.

Television personality Sharon Osbourne was rushed to the hospital while filming a supernatural-themed sitcom at California’s Glen Tavern Inn. Her condition remains undisclosed. This incident adds stress to her husband Ozzy Osbourne’s situation; he recently had extensive back surgery.

The Osbourne family thanked supporters for Ozzy’s successful surgery but hasn’t shared updates on Sharon’s health.

Meanwhile, Ozzy’s health journey continues. He underwent surgery to insert more pins into his neck and back after a 2019 fall. Although he still receives physical therapy, he’s seen with a cane and his family, signaling positive progress.

Ozzy’s desire to leave the US due to rising gun violence and safety concerns has stirred attention. He wishes to return to his native England for his final years, despite initially considering Timbuktu. Health-wise, he endured severe nerve pain from spinal pressure, comparing it to dipping hands in hot water after exposure to cold.

In summary, Sharon’s hospitalization, Ozzy’s health journey, and his plans to move to England have garnered public attention and support.

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