Reba McEntire honest words about her divorce: ”Things started going south…”

Reba McEntire, the beloved country music icon, has experienced both triumphs and heartaches throughout her storied career and personal life.

Despite her immense success in the music industry, including multiple awards and accolades, Reba has faced significant losses, including the deaths of her father, Clark McEntire, in 2014, and her mother, Jacqueline McEntire, in 2020, after battles with cancer.

Reba’s divorce from her husband of 26 years, Narvel Blackstock, in 2015, was another devastating blow. The split not only affected her emotionally but also required her to navigate her career independently after relying on Blackstock’s support and guidance.

Amidst these challenges, Reba has leaned on her faith to find strength and resilience. She credits her unwavering belief in God for guiding her through difficult times and providing her with the courage to persevere.

In recent years, Reba has found love again, first with former businessman and wildlife photographer Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo, and later with actor Rex Linn. While her relationship with Lasuzzo eventually ended, her romance with Linn has brought renewed joy and companionship into her life.

Looking ahead, Reba remains optimistic about the future and is grateful for the stability and happiness she has found with Linn. Despite the ups and downs, she continues to inspire others with her resilience, grace, and unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

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