On Valentine’s Day, Woman Performs CPR on a Homeless Man and Soon Wakes up a Millionaire — Story of the Day

Mary Norton’s Valentine’s Day took an unexpected turn when she, dressed for a romantic dinner, found herself performing CPR on a homeless man. Despite her boyfriend’s ultimatum, Mary prioritized saving a life over their relationship.

After rushing the man to the hospital, Mary discovered his identity and contacted his mother, who arrived just in time to reunite with her son. Grateful for Mary’s intervention, the mother expressed remorse for their strained relationship, realizing her son’s true passion for art.

As the homeless man, Jake, recovered, Mrs. Burlington funded an art exhibition for him, leading to his success as an artist. Moved by Mary’s compassion, Mrs. Burlington gifted her a substantial amount, allowing Jake to pursue his dreams and propose to Mary.

In the end, Mary’s act of kindness not only saved Jake’s life but also reunited a family and paved the way for Jake’s artistic success and her own happiness.

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