My Husband Put up a Poster of His Ex-Wife in the Kitchen to Motivate Me to Lose Weight — I Made Him Regret It

When I walked into the kitchen, I never expected to see a poster of my husband’s ex-wife, Monica, plastered on our fridge. Eric casually dismissed my shock, calling it “motivation” to get in shape. Furious, I reached out to Monica for help.

Monica was appalled by Eric’s cruelty and agreed to help teach him a lesson. We devised a plan: Monica would stay with Eric while I took our baby, Ava, to my parents’.

When Monica arrived, Eric was stunned. “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“Just thought you’d like some company,” I said, leaving him bewildered.

Over the next few days, Monica made Eric’s life chaotic, leaving messes and criticizing him constantly. His desperation grew, evident in his frantic voicemails. “Jane, I’m sorry. Please come home.”

After three days, I returned. The house was a mess, and Eric looked defeated. He apologized, acknowledging his mistake and promising to change. We had a hard conversation about respect and partnership.

Eric took on more parenting duties and genuinely supported me emotionally. He replaced Monica’s poster with a new family photo, a gesture that meant everything.

One evening, we sat together in the living room, feeling a sense of peace. Eric wrapped his arm around me. “I love you, Jane. For who you are.”

As the sun set, I felt hopeful. We were stronger, having faced our demons. We shared a quiet moment of unity, knowing our love could weather any storm.

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