John Schneider slams Beyoncé’s new country song and compares her to a urinating dog – this is why

In a recent interview with One American News Network, actor John Schneider didn’t hold back his criticism of Beyoncé’s foray into country music. Responding to the desire of Beyoncé’s fans to have her new song, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” played on an Oklahoma country music radio station, Schneider likened her move to “a dog peeing on a tree” to mark her territory. He expressed frustration with what he sees as pop stars encroaching on the country genre, suggesting they should stick to their usual genres instead.

Schneider’s comments have ignited controversy, with many of Beyoncé’s fans labeling him as “racist and hateful” for his comparison. Some fans took to social media to defend Beyoncé, pointing out that country music has its roots in black culture and that crossover between genres is not uncommon. They also noted that Beyoncé’s Texas roots make her exploration of country music a natural progression.

The debate sparked by Schneider’s remarks reflects broader concerns within the country music community about the influence of pop on the genre. With artists like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey also rumored to be interested in exploring country music, there’s a growing discussion about the evolving landscape of the genre and its relationship with other musical styles.

Schneider’s own experience in country music, with numerous chart-topping hits in the 80s and continued involvement in the industry, adds weight to his perspective. However, his comments have clearly struck a chord with Beyoncé’s fans, prompting a heated debate about the boundaries of musical genres and cultural appropriation.

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