Hidden Camera Catches The Latest Scam That Is Happening In Grocery Stores Around The Country

Hidden cameras have exposed a new scam targeting grocery store shoppers nationwide, putting their personal information at risk. In security footage, a scammer approaches a shopper, attempting to steal from them. Security experts emphasize the importance of staying vigilant to prevent falling victim to this trend.

Inside Edition conducted an investigation and revealed that purse-snatchers often work in pairs to increase their chances of success. In one video, two scammers target a woman shopping for produce, leaving with her wallet undetected. To raise awareness and catch these criminals, Inside Edition sent undercover crew members.

Security consultant Bill Stanton emphasized the speed at which these thefts occur, advising people never to leave their wallets or purses unattended in a grocery cart. Viewers shared safety tips, such as keeping the cart in front of you and using pepper spray for protection.

To safeguard yourself from purse-snatchers, preparation is key. Keep your purse in sight and stay aware of your surroundings to deter thieves from stealing your personal belongings

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