Carrie Underwood Honors Toby Keith In Powerful Tribute

Country music icon Toby Keith, known as a proud Oklahoman, passed away at 62 after battling stomach cancer. His family praised his courage, stating he passed away surrounded by loved ones. Carrie Underwood, deeply affected by the loss, paid a heartfelt tribute to her friend and fellow Okie. She reminisced about their special bond forged through their shared roots in Oklahoma.

Underwood previously honored Keith at the BMI Icon Award ceremony in 2022 by performing his debut single. Reflecting on their friendship, she posted photos from the event, expressing her sorrow at his passing. Underwood’s emotional tribute on social media captured the essence of their connection and her belief that Keith now resides in heaven.

In her poignant message, she wrote, “Saddle up the horses, Jesus, ’cause a true blue COWBOY just made his ride up to heaven!!!” Underwood conveyed her certainty that Keith is in a better place and expressed hope for a reunion in the afterlife.

As condolences pour in from fellow artists and fans, the country music community mourns the loss of a beloved figure.

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